It’s registration time! Registering for classes next semester is always a fun process – it gives you a chance to explore all of the interesting course offerings we have at OCU and to think about where you want to focus your studies. As you plan your course schedules for the upcoming semester, keep the following suggestions in mind:

  • Take as many Group A courses as you can. Group A courses are subjects that are tested on the Multistate bar exam, the essay portion of the Oklahoma bar exam, or both. Your bar prep will be less onerous if you are already familiar with these testable subjects. Taking these courses during law school will allow you to spend more of your bar prep time practicing and memorizing, rather than having to learn difficult concepts from scratch.
  • Get some experience! The experiential courses and externship offered are a great chance to get some practical experience in the law. They are also a chance to meet with practicing attorneys and other professionals that can help mentor you. Consider taking these courses early in your law school career so you can make the most of the experience.
  • Plan your electives carefully. In addition to taking elective courses that seem interesting to you, take some electives that will refresh your memory of prior course material. Seminars and electives that have components related to property, constitutional law, criminal law, torts and others will improve your understanding of those topics, which will make bar prep that much easier.
  • Speaking of the bar, be sure to take Advanced Bar Studies in your 3L year. This course is all about helping you pass the bar exam, regardless of where you take it.
  • Don’t forget about your writing requirement. Put some thought into how and when you will complete your upper-level writing requirement. Depending on your schedule, you may want to get this out of the way early or it may make more sense to save it for your 3L year.
  • Challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid to take a difficult class or class with a professor who has a reputation for being tough. Being a good lawyer requires you to push yourself and rise to challenges. You’ll do yourself a disservice if you try to skate by on the bar minimum. Instead, challenge yourself to try something difficult or new.