We’re well into October and final exams are creeping closer and closer. There’s still a lot to learn, but it’s important that you periodically review what you have already covered. If you wait until the reading week to review all the material from a course, you’ll probably be left with an overwhelming amount of information to relearn. What’s more, you may not have time to get clarification of concepts that you don’t fully understand.

To save yourself from the stress and hassle of cramming right before finals, be sure you’re doing some spaced review. Spaced review involves periodically reviewing prior concepts at regularly spaced intervals prior to an exam. Spaced review is strongly correlated to academic success, particularly where retention of information is important (i.e. the bar exam).

So, this is your official reminder to find a couple of hours this week where you can sit down with your outlines (because, of course, you’ve been keeping your outlines up to date!) and read through them. As you’re reading, don’t hesitate to do a little editing to make the outlines even clearer and more concise. Additionally, take note of any concepts that are confusing and seek clarification.

Spaced review doesn’t have to be an overly intense or time consuming process. Just be sure you’re refreshing your memory as to everything you’ve covered. As the semester goes on, continue to include spaced review in your study routine and you’ll be miles ahead when the reading week rolls around.