Now that the semester is in full swing, it’s Law School New Year to make goals to live a balanced and sustainable law school life. Below are resources to make Spring 2019 a more balanced semester specifically for you, OCU Law student:


Check out 1L Max. It’s a web learning platform designed to help law students, especially, work on their finances. It has tools and resources on the financial basics like budgeting but also has modules explaining how benefits packages work when looking for your first job. You can sign up for a phone call for one on one personal financial coaching. The graphics are interesting and it is to the point. I learned a lot from this program even though I felt like I knew it all before starting. Check it out to avoid even more loans and set yourself up for success for big purchases after graduation.


  1. Park Harvey. You have free access with your OCU key fob. Read while you ride the new streetcar for a bit and you can arrive without dealing with parking or a cold walk. Bribe yourself with a soak in the hot tub after your workout for easy motivation.
  2. OCU Main Campus Fitness Options. Your parking pass works on the main campus as well and it’s just a quick 8-minute drive away.
  3. Yoga Lab in the Plaza. $6 yoga classes throughout the day that you can drop into as you desire.
  4. Watch Social Media for free classes and promos. If you enjoy a lot of novelty, consider hopping around and showing up at the free community classes. For example, Barre3 puts on free community classes in the Myriad Gardens every year.
  5. Free workouts online. Check out youtubers like Blogilates, Yoga with Adriene etc.

Healthy Eating

Sometimes I bring my breakfast, lunch, and dinner to school and work because I am going so many places which makes it hard to stay healthy. Keep healthy snacks in your car and locker. Meal prep on the weekend. Consider joining a meal prep program to give you affordable support in eating healthy. Subscribe to a one food blogger or a site like NYT Cooking to inspire you to cook at home.

Mental Health

Consider making an appointment with the OCU Counseling Center. It’s free for students and even offers appointments on the Law campus on Wednesdays from 8:30-1. You don’t have to have a major mental disorder to benefit. They are a great resource for stress/anxiety management, talking through trauma you may be experiencing working with clients or in the workplace, talking through major life decisions like career planning and even balancing personal goals like dating or planning for children with a spouse, and simply exploring and knowing yourself better as law school shapes you.

You pay for these resources in your tuition so take advantage of them and live your best life!


(Guest Blogger Grace Williams)