Being a lawyer is all about reading, writing, and oral argument, right? So why, you may be wondering, are you faced with having to take multiple choice tests during law school? More and more professors are incorporating multiple choice assessments into their classes both as a way to prepare students for the difficult MBE portion of the bar exam and as a way to help them assess students’ grasp of the concepts.

Many law students dislike, or even fear, multiple choice questions and will therefore avoid multiple choice questions until they see them on a test. Don’t make that mistake! Practicing multiple choice questions consistently throughout the semester will not only help you feel more confident going into final exams (and the bar exam), but it will also help you evaluate your understanding of the material. Periodically working through some multiple choice questions for each class will test your comprehension of the rules and make clear which areas you need to review. Self-testing in this manner will help you combat the illusion of knowing and improve your retention of prior concepts.

Try to work weekly or bi-weekly multiple choice practice sets into your study routine for each course. Even completing just ten questions a week can sharpen your test taking skills, boost your confidence, and improve your comprehension. Not sure where to find multiple choice questions? There are several great resources available to you as an OCU student. BarBri Amp and some of the supplements available to you through your Westlaw Study Aids Subscription, such as the Exam Pro Series, will have practice multiple choice questions. You can also check out the practice exams posted by OCU professor’s on the library’s website. If you’re in need of more practice multiple choice questions, there are several supplements you can purchase. Stop by our office to check out some samples and get recommendations on the best resources!

Instead of feeling intimidated by multiple choice questions, make them your friend! Complete some practice questions throughout the semester and you’ll be ready to tackle that portion of your final exams.