OCU School of Law is committed to ensuring that every students has the opportunity to succeed, which is why we have an entire department committed to academic achievement! One of the keys to academic success in law school is consistent, diligent work throughout the semester. You absolutely have to make sure you are learning and comprehending the concepts as you cover them in class because there simply won’t be enough time to learn an entire semester’s worth of material right before final exams. If you’re feeling a little lost or confused in any of your classes during the first few weeks of school, don’t wait to reach out for assistance! The earlier you get a grasp on these concepts and put good study strategies in place, the more likely you are to be successful on your exams. So, don’t hesitate to contact the Academic Achievement Department for a little extra support and guidance. After all, that’s what we’re here for! Here are a few of the services that our department offers:

  1. Individual Appointments – There’s just no substitute for getting individually tailored advice. Call, email, or stop by Suite 315 to schedule an individual appointment and get your academic questions answered.
  2. Voluntary Workshops – We offer a variety of voluntary workshops during the fall and spring semesters that are designed to give you concrete study strategies that will help you prepare for class, create outlines, and perform well on exams. Look for more information about these workshops in the weekly Reminder Monday Email.
  3. Credit Courses – Want to get some academic support along with course credit towards graduation? Be sure to sign up for Evidence in Practice during fall semester of your 2L year and Advanced Bar Studies during 3L year.
  4. Feedback – Completing practice questions and receiving detailed feedback is one of the best ways to improve your exam writing skills. If you’re in need of some additional feedback on a practice essay, be sure to send it our way!
  5. Multiple Choice Strategy Sessions – Multiple choice questions are something you’ll have to master in order to be successful in law school and on the bar exam. Bar-style multiple choice questions tend to be much more challenging than multiple choice questions you may seen in past educational experiences. If you struggle with multiple choice questions, stop by our office to learn about some strategies and tips for improving your multiple choice scores.
  6. Schedule Planning – Navigating the course schedules to ensure that you satisfy all of the graduation requirements can be a challenge, particularly if you’re on a modified or part time schedule. If you need some assisting mapping out your courses and want some advice on which courses will best prepare you for the bar exam, be sure to set up a meeting with us!

7. Tutoring – Everyone needs a little extra explanation every now and then. If you can’t seem to make sense of a concept despite your best efforts, come visit us for a brief tutoring session that we can set you on the right track.