Review Sessions for 1L courses taught by our wonderful Academic Fellows will be resuming this week for the Spring Semester! These sessions are a great opportunity to receive some additional instruction in the black letter law as well as insight into how specific professors like you to tackle hypos and exam problems. Academic Fellows have achieved success in these classes, and they want to make sure you do the same. Here is some of our Academic Fellows’ best advice to help you succeed this semester:


Read the material! If you do not understand it, find a supplement or go ask someone to make sure you learn it at the beginning and not right before finals.”


Talk to your professors when you need help. They are humans not monsters!


Don’t allow stress over your grades to hinder your daily performance in class.


Think about your future clients when completing your reading and assignments, when studying, and when going to class. Everything we are doing now is preparation not just for our careers, but also to protect our future clients’ lives and finances. Would you want to hire someone that you knew didn’t read all of their assignments or decided to skip class sometimes? Be the kind of law student and lawyer that you would want to hire or that you would want your grandma to hire.”


Creating your own outline in a way so you can explain these issues to a layman is what separates good from great.


If you don’t know when to begin your outline, ask your professor. There is no perfect way to outline. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. If you aren’t sure how to outline, see the academic achievement office. Help is good!


“Try to put this year in perspective. Talk to attorneys. Read accounts of other law students online. Read law blogs. Be excited about your future! Then, apply that excitement to your studies. Remember why you are doing this. Use that as fuel to carry you through.”


“Do not shy away from difficulty; just because something is difficult does not mean it is not worth the effort.”


 “Start every semester brand new. Don’t let any disappointments from last semester inhibit you this semester.  Work every day to the best of your abilities with the idea of becoming the best lawyer you can be in mind.”

Academic Fellows are a great resource for all 1Ls, so be sure to reach out to them if you need help!