In the learning process, it’s important to learn from those who know. So for this week’s post, we’re sharing some advice, insight, and suggestions from our academic fellows. Check out what these students think you should know as you tackle 1L year:


“I found it very helpful to get Monday and Tuesday classes read for over the weekend and also to actually read all the material. It is awesome how much you can already know for the final if you actually read the assigned material.”

“Talk to your loved ones about the time commitment law school is going to be before you start, and periodically check in to let them know you appreciate their support and patience.”

“Be diligent about completing case briefs for every case reading because the preparation throughout the entire semester will make a huge difference for exams. You simply cannot expect to cram the material at the end. It won’t work. There’s too much information and the information needs to be applied not just memorized.”
“Participate in class discussions to better understand the topics.”

“Start outlining in October and ignore what everyone else is doing. What works for one won’t even register with another. Do what feels most natural for YOU.”

“My best advice for new 1Ls is to take practice exams and go to class! For summer internship options talk to Career Services about options outside of on-campus interviews. There are a lot of fun and interesting government job opportunities that do not interview on campus!”

“My best piece of advice is to not fall behind in readings. If you go to class with the reading done every day you will know what the professor is talking about and will already be 75% done with learning the material.”

“Do not be so married to “outlining” that you forget to figure out what study techniques might work better for you – charting, powerpoints, etc. “

“Do your best to do well but most of all be nice to those around you, you’ll be working with them in the future in some capacity.”

“On the weekends (for me it was Friday because Saturday was my off day and Sunday was prep for the upcoming week), try to synthesize your notes from at least 2 of your classes each week. This should help you retain concepts better while also making it much easier for you to construct your outlines.”

“Regardless of what you were like in college, law school is overwhelming. Find a 2L or a 3L who you feel exemplifies the student you want to be and learn from them! It helped me tremendously to have someone a year ahead of me to tell me that it was going to be okay no matter what happened.”

“Take a breath – the world will not end at finals. So, take a breath, realize that you have learned more than you thought (and either you know at this point or you don’t), and just go one question at a time.”