You can’t cram for a law school exam – you have to work diligently and effectively throughout the semester. Now that we’ve moved past the halfway point the semester, it’s especially important to have a study schedule that allows you to studiously prepare for class and complete the outlining, reviewing, and practicing necessary to prepare for exams. Taking your first set of law school exams may seem downright terrifying at times, but with the right approach you should feel confident going into finals week. To help you be successful, we’ve asked our academic fellows for the best advice on preparing for law school exams:


“Test your understanding by putting rules into your own words and talking through difficult concepts out loud in a way that someone without any legal background would be able to understand.”

“I know first semester finals are stressful and you will never feel completely prepared, so don’t over-stress! Still make a few hours a day for yourself, eat right, and get plenty of sleep. You can’t do well on a final if you’re exhausted or sick, so take care of your mind and body!”

“Remember, practice makes perfect. Make sure to test your knowledge of the material, through hypothetical essays and multiple choice questions, before your exam!”

“My advice to a 1L – stay off of social media. Everyone talks about how much they are studying and it can really freak you out. Study smart – make your hours count. Don’t be stressed if people are telling you they are spending 12 hours a day studying, because 6 smart hours can be better than 12 hours spent goofing around in a study room.”

“Spend your finals prep time applying the material. Your outline should be completed, and the focus should be on writing mock exam answers and practicing multiple choice questions.”

“My best advice for finals prep is to not wait until reading week to work on your outlines. Outlines should be done when the last day of classes are over. And to compare information you have in your outline with friends to see if there is a topic you missed information or for clarity on a subject you maybe struggled with.”


If you need any assistance preparing for finals, just stop by the Academic Achievement Department in Suite 315!